The rail solution

The rail is the surface on which cranes and other material handling machines operate. Therefore, it is a fundamental element of the structure.

GANTREX selects the rail (profile, length, quality, ...) according to your specific requirements, using the experience of its internal Technical Department.

The rail selection must satisfy the following criteria :

  • reliability,
  • economy,
  • and life expectancy.

GANTREX is the ideal partner, to assist when considering your rail selection.

GANTREX can suggest the optimum rail type, whether it is a low profile crane rail or the higher profile Vignole type, directly supplied from the best rolling mills worldwide.

GANTREX also has a specialised machining workshop, and hold stock of the most common rail profiles.

We can certify the quality of our products, and that they are supplied in accordance with the various international standards matching your needs.

For more information, please consult us.
Technical specification sheets, per rail profile, available on request.