The rail track solution

GANTREX® : a specialists' technique from the GANTRY Group

Originally, an innovative soft and adjustable fixing concept for rails. Nowadays, a global solution for rail tracks.

In close contact with the market, GANTREX continuously develops products and solutions. GANTREX has become the indispensable partner in industrial sectors and services as steel industry, aluminium plants, dockside sea shore installations, cement plants, automated warehouses, ...

 The rail track : important matter ?

The rail track of a material handling installation must be reliable with low maintenance costs. Every failure leads to high repair costs and production down time.

 A neglected rail track : consequences ?

Damage :

  • to the rail --> wear, bending and breaks;
  • to the fixings --> loosening, breaks, ...
  • to the support --> bending and cracking of the steel girders, concrete crumbling and becoming loose.

generated by :

  • stresses applied to rail, fixings and support;
  • rail movement acting on fixing elements;
  • under-sizing of one or more rail track elements.
 The rail track : a specialists' business ?

Calculations, dimensioning, diagnoses, ... are necessary to ensure the link between civil engineering norms, or structural steel designers, and handling equipment norms.

The GANTRY Group specialists improve the rail track design with their experience, the product choice, the mounting recommendations, the installation and supervision for a life-long rail solution. This involves new construction as well as repairs.

 Solutions ?

The GANTREX® product solutions are tested by universities and dedicated laboratories.
For more than 30 years, these solutions have been well proven in traditional and specific applications.